A360 Release: Delete a Project and more

June 28, 2016 Rahul Bhandarkar

Delete a Project in A360

We have some HUGE news we know you’ve been waiting for: A360 users are now able to delete a project instead in addition to the ability to archive projects.

Delete a Project

In the past, you could archive a project, but couldn’t delete it. This has been a long standing request and the most upvoted item in the A360 Ideastation, and now it’s a reality.

Delete a Project in A360


What you need to know about deleting a project in A360

Team administrators now have the ability to delete a project that has been archived. Deleting a project will make all of the project data inaccessible and mark all the content as deleted. This is an irreversible action; once a project is deleted it cannot be recovered through the A360 user interface.

This is different from an archived project which can be restored from the archive folder in the A360 user interface.

Note: For personal hubs, only the owner of the hub can delete projects.

Follow a Project

Users can now follow a project and get notifications  via in-app alerts and emails about various activities like file uploads, file version updates, comments, discussions and calendar events.


Follow a Project


Email Notifications Settings

Users can turn email notifications on and off, as well as choose specific categories of events for which they would like to receive emails. Categories include projects, discussions, data  and files, calendar and wikis.

Email Notifications

Easier Management of Project Join Requests

A360 now displays pending join requests in the members dialog. This was previously only shown for team hubs—this feature is now included in personal hubs, as well. We also improved the pending approvals experience by adding a call to action on the members dialog button that lands the user on the join requests tab.

Join Requests

What feature do you want to see next?

When you talk, we listen. Let us know what features you want to see in the next release in the Ideastation.

If you have questions, or tips and tricks you want to share, connect with us in the forums.


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