Keep track of the design process

April 12, 2016 Elizabeth Katzki

Design Process

Building and product designers know first-hand that it takes multiple versions of the same design, multiple iterations on those versions based on stakeholder feedback, and final changes leading to owner approval. Furthermore, each of these design versions may contain a number of comments, markups, and redlines.This entire process can be long, disjointed, and complicated, leaving behind a haphazard trail of file versions on multiple devices that become very difficult to track.

A360 provides a complete history of the design process including version tracking, markup history, and comment records. Track, and keep track of, all project design files without changing the way an organization or team works.


Versions are created when a user uploads a file with the same filename as a previously uploaded file. These versions are accessible when any team member or contributor opens a file from the project folder. At the top of the immersive viewer screen users can see a drop-down menu of all earlier versions and access them with just a click. Historical version tracking is built-in and doesn’t require a change in the way you upload files; in fact, this method of versioning eliminates the cumbersome file nomenclature associated with manual file versioning.

A360 Versioning Design Process


Comments on design files are great for getting feedback. The commenter can tether the comment to an exact view or an exact point on the drawing or model so the designer knows exactly what he/she is referencing.

Comments are also tied to versions, so when a user views an older version, the user will only see the comments made on that version. This makes it easy to track the changes that were made based on direct feedback, and the order of those changes.

A360 Comment Feed


Writing or drawing directly on a drawing or model is another way to give feedback in an easily trackable way. As is the case with comments, markups are also made on only one version at a time, which means that users can see in the next version if their feedback was taken into account.

All of this feedback and version tracking leads to a wealth of historical data. Keeping track of the design process gives everyone on the project team a clear sense of progress, insight into their feedback results, and a better understanding of opportunities for process improvement.


A360 Markups Design Process

If you have questions about tracking the design process in A360, join us in the forums.

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