A360 Feature: Immersive 2D and 3D Viewer

February 25, 2016 Elizabeth Katzki

3D Viewer

Without the right software, stakeholders cannot view designs saved in various 2D and 3D formats. Engineers may work in different file formats than architects and contractors, so having one viewer that is able to display all of these disparate file-types in an interactive tool is integral to a successful collaborative project.

View and share 2D and 3D design files on any device, right in your browser. A360’s immersive web-based viewer for models and drawings brings rich visualization for over 50 file formats – including Autodesk® file formats, Solidworks®, CATIA®, Pro-E®, Rhino® and NX®. There are no plugins or special programs to download. Independently view, review, markup, and comment, in real-time.

You can isolate any part of the model, interact with it, make comments, navigate between saved model views, “explode” a model to see how the components fit together, and “section” the it to see a segmented view.

Watch to learn more about what you can do with A360’s immersive 2D and 3D viewer:

Have questions about the 2D and 3D viewer? Join us in the forums.

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