3D models from ruins: crowdsourced reconstructive design through A360

March 1, 2016 Colin Piper

Project Soane Rendering

Can the demolition of an architectural treasure be rectified? Create a community of hundreds of designers and architects from around the world to work together to recreate it, and you absolutely can.

Project Soane is a crowdsourced effort to virtually reconstruct Sir John Soane’s Bank of England using modern BIM technologies such as Revit, coupled with Autodesk A360. Autodesk, HP, NVIDIA, Robert A.M. Stern Architects, CASE, CGarchitect, and Sir John Soane’s Museum leveraged A360 to ignite a community, and recreate a destroyed architectural masterpiece.

New participants received an invitation to the Project Soane A360 Team hub and access to an A360 account. Participating teams from around the globe transformed existing information, such as historical photographs and Soane’s original architectural drawings, into a complex, detailed BIM model.

Project Soane in A360 Overview

To participate, users downloaded source files and in-progress model components from A360 and worked on specific pieces of it. They then uploaded their contributions, with newly modeled additions completed in Revit, back into the A360 project hub. Over time, the user uploaded models were incorporated into a master model.

“Essentially, we are working collaboratively rather than individually. So we are all working on the same set of models rather than separate pieces.”

– Daniel Davis, Senior Researcher at Case consultancy New York, Technical Lead at Project Soane

A360 provided the ability for individuals worldwide to collaborate on one model in a central hub which provided a platform for communication and tracking project activity.

With no minimum participation, users were free to contribute as much or as little as they wanted. A360 as a collaboration and crowdsourcing platform allowed users to work whenever they wanted to, and contribute work incrementally. Project moderators were able to guide participants within the shared model using markup and comment tools within A360.

Project Soane in A360

Using A360 as the collaboration platform for this project enabled users to sign up easily and continue to participate incrementally. Users were always in sync because A360 had the latest version of the model and could be accessed from almost any device. By utilizing A360 for cloud collaboration, teams from around the world were able to create a realistic replica, reinventing the way the world experiences architectural history.

Project Soane Rendering

Learn more about Project Soane, and the second phase of the project.

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