A360 Release: New Application Switcher and Hub to Hub Project Transferring

March 10, 2016 Rahul Bhandarkar

A360 Release

For the past few weeks, the team has been working on making A360 even more intuitive. This release includes a couple great ways to work more intuitively: an application switcher and the ability to transfer projects between hubs.

Application Switcher

Prior to this release, A360 Drive was represented as a folder in the project list:

A360 Release A360 Drive

To make the navigation more intuitive, there is now a separation between A360 Drive and A360 Projects, which allows users to easily switch between the two applications using a familiar application switcher icon:

A360 Release A360 Drive App Switcher

Upon signing into A360, there will be two coach marks to explain the new navigation.

Transfer Projects

This feature adds the ability for users to move projects from a personal to a team hub and from a team hub to another team hub. Users can now consolidate projects from multiple team hubs into one team hub. Fusion users can also now move projects from their personal hub into a team hub.

From the Ideastation: Download Versions

You spoke, we listened. You now have the ability to download previous versions of a file, not just the most recent version.

We’re always looking for ways to make A360 even better, and who has better ideas than A360 users? If you have an idea, add it to the Ideastation and you could see it in the next release.

If you have questions, or tips and tricks you want to share, connect with us in the forums.

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