Markup support comes to A360 Web

November 29, 2015 Rahul Bhandarkar

Web Markups

We’re excited to announce the official release of the Beta version of the Markup feature! This has been a widely requested feature and is a step towards building a full-fledged suite of design review tools that will help you deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.

Below, you can find videos demonstrating how markups works. You will find a new “Comment and Markup Utilities” action in the Viewer toolbar that allows you to attach snapshot, pin, object comments and the new Markup option. We’ve added some coach marks to help users quickly locate this new feature.

Upon choosing the Markup option from the toolbar, you will enter Markup mode which allows you to add FreeHand, Text, Arrow and Rectangle annotations to your 3D or 2D design files. Once you are done simply Submit the Markup and then that Markup will appear as Comment in the Comments panel on the right hand side.

At this point you can @mention a reviewer from the comments panel and send them a quick message that the design is ready for review or add a more detailed explanation about the markup that you just submitted.

A Reviewer can click on a Markup comment which will load the design in the viewer with the markup overlaid on top. They can then reply back on that comment thread with recommended changes or acceptance. This review conversation history will always be available to you as a reference via the comments panel.

This is a Beta feature (we have some more planned enhancements coming out shortly)  and we are very excited to get this feature into your hands so take it for a spin and let us know how it works for you. Our goal is to build powerful design review tools in A360 that will make you more productive and help you build awesome products with high quality.

See Markups in action below!


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