New R&D: Project Aquila

November 12, 2015 Erin Emery


Internet of Things R&D: Project Aquila

For facility managers, we are previewing an Internet-of-Things application we will continue to develop over the next several months, code-named “Project Aquila.” It is a cloud-based app that overlays building sensor data with 2D drawings and 3D models while providing analytics and real-time alerts for facility managers. The application combines:

  • real-time device level electricity data from Panoramic Power’s wireless, non-intrusive, self-powered sensor technologies;
  • BIM-based visualization;
  • energy and financial analytics; and
  • automated reporting to deliver actionable insights for energy management and equipment maintenance.


For example, a building or factory facility manager, using Project Aquila, could diagnose where a facility is wasting energy, evaluate the Net Present Value and payback for fixes, and prioritize work orders, all in one place.


We continue to work on Project Aquila, including connecting it to Insight 360, and our plans for the near future include adding means to automate measurement and verification. Today we are inviting people to test it out free of charge and give us feedback.

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