Introducing: Autodesk Insight 360

November 12, 2015 Erin Emery

Greenbuild attendees will be the very first to experience Autodesk Insight 360, which empowers architects with centralized access to their building energy and environmental performance data and the world’s most advanced analysis engines, all within a beautiful and intuitive interface. Through robust bi-directional Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration, direct access to leading analysis tools, and guidance and recommendations from industry benchmarks, architects can approach the design process with more effective understanding of the elements that lead to better building performance outcomes throughout the building lifecycle.

Insight 360 allows users to visualize and interact with building performance with regard to recognized industry benchmarks such as Architecture 2030 and ASHRAE 90.1

Here’s a snapshot of Insight 360’s key benefits, features, and capabilities:

  • Visualize and interact with key industry benchmarks for performance with real-time cause and effect feedback to guide you toward better building performance outcomes.
  • Model with Revit and FormIt 360 Pro to generate insights using robust automatic analytical model creation and visualization of performance information directly in the modeling environment. This capability offers a powerful comparison workflow to run millions of design scenarios and see energy savings with immediate and interactive feedback.
  • Access to trusted industry leading engines for whole building energy, heating, cooling, daylighting, and solar radiation simulations.
  • Organize and share insights with project stakeholders and support geographically dispersed team collaboration from early targeting and feasibility analysis through operation with access anywhere via desktops, tablets, or smartphones.


Quickly compare critical design scenarios and identify key performance indicators

Learn more at the Insight 360 blog.

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