Contract Management Improvements in August Release

August 8, 2015 Lisa Darrah


On Saturday, August 8th, the A360 team released an update focusing on improving the Contract Management experience along with addressing some quality issues that have been reported. Check out the summary below about the latest items in the update.

Improved Contract Management experience

We have improved the A360 Team Contract Management experience in the latest update you can expect the following enhancements:

A360 Team contract management

Contract Managers can now assign the purchased A360 Team/Collaboration for Revit contract to the Team hub directly from the A360 Contracts page.

A360 Contract Managers

Contract Managers can choose a hub from the drop down list or they can manually enter the Team hub URL and assign the contract successfully.

With the new process in place, it is now no longer necessary for the contract to be assigned to the Hub Owner for the subscription to start showing up in the hub.

Fusion 360 Improvements

Users can traverse between Personal and A360 Team hubs they are part of directly from Fusion 360.

General Improvements

We have addressed the issue with comments missing on designs and files. We have also addressed the duplicate Demo Project creation in A360 Hubs.

Please let us know what you think about the new update!

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