How to Adopt A360 Into Your Workflow

September 9, 2015 Michelle Handelman

adopt A360 Into Your Workflow

Now, we know that many of you might be use to the old school way of doing things when it comes to collaboration on your models. While it may be comfortable, it’s not efficient and the lines of communication often get lost. When you have a hand-drawn model being passed around (and lost) through dozens of contractors and consultants. The never ending email correspondence or having to use 5 different softwares just to view a file, things can get sticky. A360 allows you to view, markup and comment on your files all in one central workspace.

There are limitless ways to use A360 in your everyday work. Whether you use it as a collaboration tool, for your viewing 2D & 3D models or to track your projects offline, A360 helps you to stay up-to date on your projects, whenever, wherever you are.

Not convinced enough you need to add A360 to your day? Read a bit more and by the end of this article, you will become an A360 super user in no time.

First impressions are everything

We hear it time and time again, first impressions are everything. When you walk into a meeting with a hand-drawn model or dozens of printed sheets, the wow factor has already been lost. With A360, clients are able to interact with your design directly from your desktop or mobile device. You can easily collaborate with them and keep everyone on the project up-to-date. Admins can limit viewing permissions to keep non-relevant or confidential details private using A360 Team.

You can get a free month trial of A360 Team here.

A360 makes sharing easy

The more people you introduce to A360, the easier it will be for you to collaborate on your professional designs. Getting your team, clients or contractors onboard with A360 is easy, just show it to them. We’ve heard from many of our customers that simply bringing A360 into meetings made the biggest impression, bigger than  showing the model itself! But don’t let it stop there, make sure they sign up for a free account so you can collaborate on projects together.

A360 is a collaboration tool, that enables you to view, comment and markup on over 50 different CAD file formats.

Breaking down technology barriers

One of the biggest benefits users and customers experience is the ability to view any file type directly from A360. You don’t need to have Revit or even AutoCAD to look at a model, A360 automatically displays and renders your file from the cloud directly onto your mobile or desktop. Break the technology barriers of non-readable DWG or sending blind CAD files because you are unable to acquire the right software.

Take your work with your anywhere

Your work shouldn’t be limited to your office. We live in a fast paced work environment and most our work takes place onsite or on the field. Why not bring it with you? Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, A360 is accessible on any device and even has offline access so you can view your files in places where there may not be Internet. Take A360 with you on the go, in the office or in the comfort of your own home.

Try A360 for Android or iOS.

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