New on Android: Meet the new A360

September 21, 2015 Michelle Handelman

A360 experience day

We have some really exciting new updates to share with you in the latest version of A360 Android, version 2.7. You may have already noticed that there is a brand new look and feel to A360, you’ll soon have the chance to see this on the web as well.

We worked on a new look & feel for our entire A360 experience within all of our platforms, and you get to see it first!

Meet the new A360, a cohesive brand experience. Our design team and developers worked very hard to bring you a brand new and improved A360 experience. We’ve changed the color scheme and have given it a new and improved look and feel.

A360 experience day

A360 Android Team Leader

Receive even better feedback when encountering file viewing issues.

We understand how frustrating it can be to receive an error message or alert without an explanation as to went wrong. In this latest version, we have improved the warning and error messages for you to know exactly where things went wrong. This includes alerting users before assembly files are uploaded via mobile.

Your newly uploaded files open even faster now.

We keep on improving! We’ve updated A360 to make it possible to view your recently uploaded, even faster.

Try the new version of Android 2.7 now.


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