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August 17, 2015 Sylvia Knauer

You may have questions and even some concerns about Autodesk’s move to a Subscription licensing model.  The truth is that Autodesk licensing is evolving to help you and your business succeed in the face changes like infinite computing, mobile devices, and distributed working teams that impact everything you do.  Alternative consumption models, like Autodesk Desktop Subscription, give you the value of a product without requiring a large upfront investment.  Subscription is a way for you to access the best building design software available, used by leaders in your industry around the world from a company constantly innovating and looking to harness design technologies of the future for your use today.

Check all the boxes.  This is what you get with Autodesk Desktop subscription:

  •  Scalable licensing:  Companies grow. Projects expand. Employees move. Be prepared for whatever changes come your way with licensing that scales to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Lower cost of entry:  Get the very same full version of Autodesk’s industry-leading software titles that have been available as perpetual licenses without having to lay out as much of your budget up-front.  Desktop Subscription licensing opens up a lower-cost-of-entry that frees up your budget for other needs.  
  • The latest software release and updates:  You deserve the very best in design technology. With Desktop Subscription you know you always have access to the absolute latest versions of your design software that includes the newest features.
  • Access to previous releases:  What if you’re working on an ongoing project that was started in a version of software released in a previous year?  No problem.  With an active Desktop Subscription you are entitled to download previous version licenses of your software.
  • Flexible licensing:  Do you need to use your software license in another country or to work from home?  You can install your software on multiple machines, use it overseas, and always access files stored locally on your computer even without an active subscription.
  • Added value services:  Thrive with Basic Support, options to add more Advanced Support, and access to powerful cloud services that let you work smarter without tying up your desktop.
  • Freedom to be offline:  We’re all wired to the internet, but Desktop Subscription software is installed on your computer. You do not need to be connected to use your software. 

Can’t bear to part with your perpetual licenses?  You don’t have to.  Active Maintenance Subscription agreements on previously purchased perpetual licenses will continue to be renewable.

When you decide to purchase an Autodesk Desktop Subscription, you’re maximizing the power of your design tools while gaining control over your costs and the length of your commitment. Your software tools will always be up to date with the latest releases and enhancements, while your workflow will benefit from increased capabilities—from licensing options to more capabilities with Autodesk® cloud services.

Learn more about Autodesk building design software options  and about Desktop Subscription

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